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    or watch the recent video hereunder for your personal gratification. Superfritz was commissioned by Jardin Des Pilotes, for the artshow “Dortmund Neugold: Art, Beer, Alchemy” in Dortmunder U, untill 1st of May 2016. As you approach the sculpture Superfritz explains:

    “No, I am not pregnant, I only drank beer for 17 years !”

    click here for video of terrible commissioned SUPERFRITZ !!! (this video is an element of the tv-documentary Luuk Bouwman is making about Verdult, ready halfway 2016).

    Dick Verdult

    This is one of the possible stories, another story could be the one of Dick El Demasiado or the one of the IBW (institute for Affordable Lunacy).

    Born in Eindhoven 1954, youth in Guatemala, Argentina, France, South Africa. Lives in the Netherlands, Spain and Argentina. Education at University Paris VIII, Vincennes 1973-1977, departments Film and Plastic Arts. Brief in-depth study with filmmaker and artist George Kuchar, San Francisco, 1980. Verdult’s works includes a.o. graphic work, radio, tv, films, music and scripts, masks, texts, internet sites. Many works were realised in collaboration with friends and artists in sometimes ad-hoc, sometimes more durable groups.

    since 1974 “Wasting clichés through their enrichment”
    from linocuts, super-8 film, tv and interactive film-research
    Art/Vidéo Confrontation 74, CNAAV Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris. First extensive group exhibition of video art in Europe. Editor and filmmaker NEON-TV series, an award-winning punk programme of VPRO Television. Production and realization of 16 mm films In de Nachten, Eeuwige Jachtvelden, Rijnode and Angels & Angels, realised for VPRO Television. Lino prints at Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, galleries Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam, Lambert Tegenbosch, Heusden and De Expeditie, Amsterdam. Research on Fiction for Interactive Cinema, funded by department of CRM, the Netherlands. Film projects in the Amazon (Yanomami), Texas (Butthole Surfers), Cuba (Festival de Cine). Three hours of found-footage and 16 mm editing for Interactive Research. We Were All Born Naked, five-hour film presented officially in several cinemas and film clubs of St. Petersburg, before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Experimentele Film in de Nederlandse Kunst, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, group exhibition. Artist’s books: The Human (T)Race, Sorry Bomen, Desktopless in Space, Wa wilde nog minder and Hé vijand, geef me de vijf!

    since 1990 “When you ask yourself: ‘what is this about?’ – that’s what it is about!”
    the creation of curiosity and vague suggestions
    Founding of Instituut voor Betaalbare Waanzin (IBW) (Institute for Affordable Lunacy). IBW delivers trash aesthetics, provocations and complications. Its philosophy and electronics are streetwise. Threehundred performances a.o. DEAF-Festival at V2 (Rotterdam), Hybrid Work Space at documenta X (Kassel), CCCB (Barcelona), Podewil (Berlin). Specific Interactivity Design for media mogul Joop van den Ende. Fivehundred hours of Anarchist Patapoe Radio (G-Force). Four hours trash videos (G-Force). Creation of Centro Periferico Internacional, a sub-branch of IBW. Developed with Harun Bahasoean internet sites of IBW and Centro Periferico Internacional. These sites were top-ranked by Stedelijk Museum, NRC Handelsblad, V2, de Volkskrant, etc. Guest for six hours of Wandelende Tak VPRO world music radio (about record collectors of St. Petersburg, gold-diggers in the Amazon, drumming in Calanda, CD-piracy in Bolivia, ghetto-cumbia in Argentina etc.). Partner in the threesome NETBAND (with Franz Feigl, Erik Hobijn), collectively working on the project The Egg on Internet. Initiated the project Post-Mitch Pre-2000, working with the IBW on the posthurricane situation of Honduras.

    since 2000 “Populism and demagogy as poetic means”
    the transition of fifteen years of IBW into a study of trash, manipulation and impacting media
    Stipendium of Fonds voor beeldende kunsten, vormgeving en bouwkunst (Fonds BKVB) for “molding populism and demagogy as a poetic means”. How do I tell the people? at Witte De With, Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, Tracer, a collaborative project by TENT. and Witte De With. Nu begrijp ik alles, a manipulation for cyclists in the Bijlmermeer, commissioned by SKOR, Den Haag and Imagine-IC, Amsterdam. Creation of Dick El Demasiado and his Cumbias Lunaticas and Cumbias Experimentales. A wide-ranging work including the creation of musical personalities, myths, history and a new musical category with its own Festicumex festival. The work has several moments of ‘ignition’ but the most influential one is the publishing of a small ethnological study on the Cumbias Lunaticas: The slow but irrevocable degradation of the Cumbias Lunaticas. Many interviews for radio and TV in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica, as works of intrigue and poetry. Release of CDs No Nos Dejamos Afeitar, Pero Peinamos Gratis, Al Perdido Ganado, Sin Pues Nada and Mi Tu. Developed most content on Continuous work in progress Exagerados y la Distorsion Popular, a film on Popular Distortion. Performances at international festivals a.o. Transitio (Mexico), Medelink (Colombia), Transmediale (Germany), Sonar (Spain) and Skif (Russia).

    since 2005 “The dancing arena as a spinner of perspectives”
    getting and offering panoramas of all the manipulatively obtained results into poetic imagery and works of easy access
    Dick El Demasiado’s music has an ample following. His music is included in compilations of new Latin American music (Coconut FM, Zona de Obras, Futurismolatino, etc.). Latin America’s Futbol de Primera TV programme (160 mio viewers every week) has used his film clips and commissioned him for the music of the 2009 season. Festicumex Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, three-day performance. Developing the peripheric advantages of pop-legendism with films, sculptures, public manifesto’s, internet-dumping. Recording tropical music in the least tropical environment, in the winter of the Russian Arctic Sea, Arkhangelsk. Forty Cumbia-prints at Residency AGA, Amsterdam. Script for feature film El Zilvervloto, on the Zilvervloot naval battle which generated the liberation of two continents. Residency in Colombia, exhibition La Residencia, Bogota. Includes film sessions, recordings, several shows and radio programmes and a Festicumex. Festicumex editions at ISEA2010 RUHR, Dortmund, Santiago de Chile, Madrid. Release of CD Sus cumbias lunáticas y experimentales, Japan edition by Utakata Records. Touring Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Japan. Exhibition at Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam; Museo del Caribe, Barranquilla; Forest Limit, Tokyo. Mis rejas son mas lindas que las tuyas, novel published in Colombia (ediciones Cain).
    **** Van Abbemuseum, Sept 2011-Januari 2012, extensive show of his work, including linocuts, drawings, installations, video, sound, books, shopwindows, sculpture. The title: and on Sundays we celebrate Friday.

    since 2010 “Blending worlds”
    Once all disciplines and terrains thoroughly massaged, Verdult is having all ends meet. 2011/2016 Extensive soloshow at Van Abbemuseum “And on sundays we celebrate Friday”, the show includes linocuts, drawings, sculptures, installations, videoscreenings, sound, books, shopwindows and even a replica of the Hospital of Lambarené, outside the museum. Is invited to Gwangju Biennale 2012 as the only representant of the NL with his “Smiledoor”. Soloshow, through Cuauhtemoc Medina and Carlos Amorales, in Mexico DF museum “Unam El Chopo” with “Poemas Feos para Todos / Ugly poems for everyone”. Soloshow at Annet Gelink Gallery “Internet and Elvis will never die”. Groupshow “Haperende mens”, Arti & amicitae. Workperiod at EKWC (European Ceramic Centre), resulting in the sale of a big installation “Bullshit defines architecture” after being presented in a solo-booth of Annet Gelink, Art Rotterdam. Soloshow at 1646, The Hague, with the title ” inklusief Dick Verdult” . Participates in event “Gimme Shelter” with the installation “Happy Thatchercide”, hung in the central column of Fort Asperen. During three months a weekly placed drawing (Dibujos Pasajeros) in the national Volkskrant. Participation Orientatiereis Mondriaan Chile Colombia, with musical performances in Cali and Bogota. Since two years Verdult is followed by Luuk Bouwman for a tv-documentary about him, stretching from Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Calanda (Spain). Realisation of a commissioned work for an important artcollector (Dahlias and swines, a fireplace with 250 tiles), realisation of a commissioned work for Dortmunder U, in a show on Art, Beer and Alchemy with his chain-sawed installation “Superfritz”. Preparing the steps to take up feature-filmmaking again. Lecture and performance at Lost & Found event, Paradiso. Further groupshows: Bless this space, London and All you can eat, Den Haag. Toured as Dick El Demasiado in Japan, Colombia and Argentina with shows throughout Europe too.
    Publication of first (spanish) novel in Colombia: Mis rejas son mas lindas que las tuyas (transl. my prisonbars are more beautiful than yours).

    expected, planned or cancelled 2016
    Through invitation of Lost & Found will curate a cyclus of One Minute films to be realised by Latinamericans on Verdult’s instigation.
    Artshows in 2016/2017:
    Soloshow Galeria Revolver, Lima. Curator Florencia Portocarrero
    Solopresentation ArteBA, Buenos Aires
    Soloshow FUGA, Bogotá. Curator Andres Garcia Larota
    Participating Nixon, a new gallery of curator Daniel Garza-Usabiaga, (now artistic director of Mexico’s MACO artfair).
    Collaborative show with mexican artist Fernando Llanos in Centro Luis Buñuel, Calanda and Instituto de Mexico, Madrid.
    Musical theatre commissioned by “500 year Hyeronimus Bosch”, November Music Festival, title: Philips de Tweede (transl. Philips, the second)
    Starting feature filmproject on Friday, the “righthand of Robinson Crusoe”.
    Soloshow Cuba, curator Stephanie Noach. Including the realisation of a filmed performance “in situ” on the Zilvervloot naval battle that took place there.
    Publication of second (spanish) novel in Colombia: El puré the mas papas (transl. the mashed potatoes with the most potatoes).