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    mi hermanito asks me to announce that the Centro Periferico Internacional has a new CENTRO, much more periferico than the one before. This will be the nerve centre where all the questions will meet and have brainstorm-sessions with invited answers. My broder is not stupid, but is difficult to understand. He is like a blues song sung by a helicopter-pilot above Afghan: what does it say ?
    Do you remember my face ? it is important for me. Look, here i am. They call me Sister Catacumbia and I am 44 rocking years and with no tatyoos, not even a sparrow on my ass.

    DOOM EL DEMASIADO ! is my hermanito's name.

    my Hermanito didn't give me the song, he sold it to me ! Hijo-e-puta

    this is what hermanito sees after mixing a twisted hymn

    Que Centro Periferico Internacional. Una joya, patrimonio de la humanidad. Esta es la vista de mi hermanito, Dickyboy Dark, despues de salir del estudio. Antropologos ya escriben para poder pasar unos dias en el CPI.
    Centro Periferico Internacional: medio en el mundo !

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